Why Choose Felder

Making your business look good.
That’s where we shine.

The quality of a business’ space is critical to its reputation, safety and success. Yet, the operation and maintenance of that space, from cleaning and laundry to dietary management services, can be a huge burden that diverts resources and attention from the critical work of growing your business.

Felder Services understands what you’re faced with. We have designed innovative solutions to take the strain off of you in the management of your healthcare, business or education setting. We are a strong, growing institutional services company that offers a complete family of services, including:

We do all the things you’d rather not. Felder Services frees you to concentrate on running your business, while being confident in the appearance and impression of your facility. Our complete array of services allows Felder Services to be flexible. Tailoring the right plan for your specific needs and personality will result in less hassle and reduced overhead.  That’s the extra dimension we bring to each property we manage – an unwavering commitment and unmatched capability to meet your needs.